How To handle Depression When You Feel Helpless

How To handle Depression When You Feel Helpless

How To handle Depression When You Feel Helpless

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When you're depressed, you become overwhelmed with helplessness and despair and the intense feeling that you do not control life. You are void of energy, and you are constantly fixed on how boring life is, and you cannot do anything to fix this no matter how hard you try. It is excruciatingly difficult to examine how helpless you feel, so all you do is accept that you've hit rock bottom.

If this, is you, there is hope! I am going to be teaching you how to get over depression when you feel helpless. I will be discussing how you can defeat depression even when you feel hopeless and regain your happiness. Here, we are talking about what depression is and the 4 steps to get over depression when you feel helpless.  

What is depression?

Depressions is a disorder associated with mood. It is characterized by a continuous overwhelming sensation of sadness or apathy. It harms thoughts, actions, and behavior and might lead to many problems, both emotional and physical. When you are depressed, normal day-to-day activities may tire you, and you might even find no reason to stay alive. 

Unlike popular opinion, depression isn't something people snap their fingers and get out. Instead, it may need to be treated for a long time with psychotherapy, medication, or both. But there are also practical steps you can take to get over depression. 

In this article, we would be focused on how to get over depression without medication or psychotherapy in 4 simple steps, even when you feel helpless.

Get the proper support (and find the right people to talk to)

You most likely do not want to be depressed. You want to be helpful, happy, and whole. At times the overwhelming wave of sadness comes at you, and you cannot help yourself.   

You can get help from others whenever these feeling of helplessness and depression comes around. Look for support and encouragement from people who are better than you. Listening to advice in times of trouble can help you fight those thoughts and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes depression can come suddenly, and you do not know what triggered it. This is why depression can be a hassle to comprehend. You keep feeling like your whole world is breaking apart. Here is where being kind to yourself comes to play. Being kind to yourself can help you lower your worries, and you might find somewhere in the kindness you give yourself a reason to live. It would be best if you reflected on times you have experiences kindness. When you have provided or when someone has shown you kindness. Depression can make you feel like your life is not worth anything, but looking bad at acts of kindness in your life might inspire you why your life is invaluable. 

Focus on your goals 

One way to get overcome depression irrespective of your depression is to focus on your goals. Setting goals aids you tune out the feeling of helplessness that comes with the lack of knowledge because you feel the problems are too big. You will not solve them, get to where they intend to, and focus instead on the way you feel right now. After some time, you would come to see that your problems are not as enormous as you make them out to be, and getting over depression isn't as impossible as it is. Just stay focused on your goals. By focusing on your goals, you also prevent depression from coming at you again because you will already be focused on something you are passionate about when it does come. So focus on your goals, and do not stop!

Rely on simple pleasures 

You can turn to moments of pleasure to deal with your depression. Engage in physical activities which produce sensations of delight, exhilaration, etc. Rely on the simplest things of life for your pleasure. For example, go out for a drink, read an exciting book, visit family or friends. These pleasures will not cost you a lot, but they will do a lot in helping you deal with depression. 

What should you take away from all this?

Take action on your depression. You can recover and overcome depression with help from others and yourself! Your mental health issues are not your fault, but you can help yourself. Reach out to someone if you need help. Don't worry or judge about your depression.

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