About us

Char Newell, SHRBP, CCLC, CRC

  • Chief Corporate Life Coach
  • Author, The Yellow Weed
  • Certified Corporate Life Coach
  • Certified Master Life Coach
  • Certified Strategic HR Business Partner

Char Newell is the CEO & Chief Corporate Life Coach for Your Healthy Reality. Before starting her own Management Consultant Agency, she spent 15 years of her career as a Human Resources Executive for organizations on a National scale. Char have successfully completed hundreds of high-volume mergers & acquisitions, transformed broken cultures, and taught organizations how to rebrand their image by using one very important resource, their PEOPLE.

      Char’s innovative strategies landed her in the circles of top senior- level HR Executives with an invite-only spot on the Elite Forbes HR Council.  Her work was recognized by the Young Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards and she was honored with the Professional Services Award for Strategic Vision & Innovation in Human Resources! And that isn’t the only way that Char is making waves in the HR arena, she packs an even bigger punch by mastering her discipline and attaining certifications for: Certified Corporate Life Coach (CCLC), Certified Relationship Consultant (CRC), Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner (CHWP), and last but definitely not least, Strategic Human Resources Business Partner (sHRBP).

Refusing to slow down, Char wrote her first book in 2019, “The Yellow Weed: How to Recognize and Embrace the Process Before the Blessings”.  Her mission is to educate, empower, motivate, & give hope to many and running Your Healthy Reality, fulfills this purpose for her on a daily basis.

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